About us

Who are we?
The “Youth Forum for Youth Policy” is a non- governmental network formed of Lebanese youth NGOs and youth wings in political parties that are registered at the Lebanese government. The Youth Forum is recognized by the Lebanese government by virtue of a Council of Ministers decree # 80/2007.
WHY the “Youth Forum for Youth Policies”?
The Youth Forum is a space that gathers youth NGOs and youth wings in political parties from diverse ideological and political backgrounds over Lebanese youth rights in Lebanon. It aims at having a multi- sectoral youth policy that provides quality services for young people in all sectors and ensures their right to have influence in the public life.
The STRUCTURE of the “Youth Forum for Youth Policy”
  • The General Assembly where all member organizations are represented
  • The Follow-up Committee formed of 9 member organizations
  • The Secretariat formed of one member organziation

For more information on each body, go to the By-laws

Member Organisations

Youth Forum Member Organizations

(Following the alphabetical order)
  1. Al Azm Youth
  2. Al Marada Youth Bureau
  3. Al Masharii Youth Association
  4. Al Shaab Movement
  5. Amel Association
  6. Arab Democratic party – Youth office
  7. Dialogue Youth
  8. Free Patriotic Movement Youth Sector
  9. Future Movement- Youth Sector
  10. Independence Movement Youth Organization
  11. KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation
  12. Karama Movement- Youth sector
  13. Lebanese Democratic Youth Forum
  14. Lebanese Family Planning Association
  15. Lebanese Forces Students Association
  16. Lebanese Kataeb Students and Youth Department
  17. Lebanese Union for People with Physical Disabilities
  18. Masar Association
  19. National Youth Union
  20. Progressive Youth Organization
  21. Safadi Foundation
  22. Society for Inclusion& Development in Communities- SIDC
  23. Student Organization- National Liberal Party
  24. The Youth and Sports Bureau at Amal Movement
  25. Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth
  26. Young Muslims League
  27. Youth & Education Head Office at the Syrian Social Nationalist Party
  28. Youth and Students Sector in The Lebanese Communist Party
  29. Youth Union
  30. Youth Union Organization
  31. Zavarian Student Association
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