The National Youth Policy document included a list of 137 policy recommendations and was endorsed by the Lebanese Council of Ministers as presented by the Youth Forum in April 2012 and as a declaration of the State of its commitment to youth issues. It is a comprehensive document that comprises a vision of the steps the Government of Lebanon intends to take with the aim to improve the living conditions of youth, including welfare and quality services, and the creation of an enabling environment to facilitate youth’s entitled access to decision making positions in the public life. In 2022, the Council of Ministers endorsed the National Youth Policy Action Plan that was developed based on the recommendations of the NYP and reflecting on some of the recent developments in the country such as the pandemic and the economic situation, among others.


We envision a State where the rule of law guarantees for the Lebanese youth all their rights.


The Youth Forum is a non-governmental network of youth NGOs and youth wings in political parties established in 2007. It aims to develop youth policy recommendations, submit them to decision makers, and advocate for their endorsement, implementation, and evaluation to the best interests of the Lebanese youth. It works towards the establishment of a Governance Model where youth priorities are constantly identified and proposed to the State to be acted upon.

Core Values 

The Youth Forum is guided by the values of diversity, transparency, participatory decision making, social justice and non-discrimination, and independence.

Our 5 Year Strategy