About the Youth Forum for youth policies

The Youth Forum for Youth Policies is a non-government network of youth focused NGOs and youth wings in political parties that emerged in 2007 in parallel to the Decree No. 80/2007 issued by the Council of Ministers in Lebanon and that specified having a Youth Consultation over the Youth Policy. The Youth Forum’s primary goal was the development of a national youth policy in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports in a process that was supported by the United Nations Youth Task Force in Lebanon then. On the long term, the YF aims to advocate for a Governance Model in which it sits on the table with government officials to directly negotiate youth demands and priorities as a rights-holder and as described in the National Youth Policy.

The National Youth Policy (NYP) document included a list of 137 policy recommendations and was endorsed by the Lebanese Council of Ministers as presented by the Youth Forum in April 2012 and as a declaration of the State of its commitment to youth issues; it is a comprehensive document that comprises a vision of the steps the Government of Lebanon (GoL) intends to take with the aim to improve the living conditions of youth, including welfare and quality services, and the creation of an enabling environment to facilitate youth’s entitled access to decision making positions in the public life.

In 2022, the Council of Ministers endorsed the National Youth Policy Action Plan that was developed by UN agencies based on the recommendations of the NYP and reflecting on some of the recent developments in the country such as the pandemic and the economic situation, among others.

Please check the 5- year strategy of the Youth Forum for Youth Policies on the homepage.

Meet the Youth Forum Member Organizations:

  • Ahed Youth Union
  • Amel Association International
  • Association of Mashari^ Youth
  • Azm Youth
  • Central Youth and Sports Bureau – Amal Movement
  • Free Patriotic Movement Youth Sector
  • Future Movement- Youth Sector
  • Karama Youth
  • Lebanese Democratic Youth Forum
  • Lebanese Family Planning Association
  • Lebanese Forces Students Association
  • Lebanese Kataeb Students and Youth Department
  • Lebanese Union for People with Physical Disabilities
  • Marada Youth Bureau
  • Masar Association
  • National Youth Union
  • Progressive Youth Organization
  • Safadi Foundation
  • Society for Inclusion & Development in Communities- SIDC
  • Youth & Education Head Office at the Syrian Social Nationalist Party
  • Youth and Students Bureau – Arab Socialist Baath Party in Lebanon
  • Youth Union Organization
  • Zavarian Student Association

The names of Member Organizations listed on this platform are presented in accordance with the English alphabetical order for ease of reference. This ordering does not imply any endorsement, preference, or hierarchical ranking. The sole purpose of arranging the names alphabetically is to facilitate a user-friendly experience and should not be construed as a reflection of organizational status, importance, or affiliation.