7 bills of rights developed by the Youth Forum and presented to relevant decision makers. Details are available in the Arabic version

  • Demanding to lower the voting age to 18 years old, and the candidacy age to 21.
  • Demanding to lower the age to form associations to 18, and the age to become a member in an association to the age of 15.
  • Demanding to amend the narcotic drugs law based on the principles of rehabilitation and inclusion of addicts instead of punishment, which, if adopted, are in the interest of addicts, abusers, family, and society.
  • Demanding the activation of the National Employment Office (affiliated to the Ministry of Labor) to secure jobs for Lebanese youth.
  • Demanding to ratify a law aimed at increasing taxes on tobacco products in Lebanon, and allocating the revenues to projects related to youth development.
  • Demanding to secure housing for Lebanese youth.
  • Demanding to establish a “Development Office” at the Lebanese University, which role is to monitor recent educational findings worldwide, and introduce what is convenient to the Lebanese curricula to empower students to stand up to modern life challenges.