The endorsement of the National Youth Policy (NYP) by the Council of Ministers on April 3rd, 2012 does not mean it can be directly implemented. This is because the youth policy recommendations in the document are not on the same level from a legal perspective. Some policy recommendations need a new legislation, others need implementation mechanism… Hence, a technical and legal review was conducted by legal experts for the youth policy document. This consists of the following in the form of a table:

  • Stating the youth policy recommendation as mentioned in the policy document;
  • Dismantling the recommendation where needed;
  • Stating the present legal status of the recommendation;
  • Stating steps needed to make the policy applicable;
  • Stating the party responsible for these steps;
  • Stating the time needed to implement the policy (i.e. does it require prior implementation of other recommendations or it could be directly implemented…);
  • Suggesting further development or clarification of the recommendation.